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I am Joseph J. Vincent of Crowley, Louisiana, and I represent individuals who have been injured in car accidents involving alcohol and at-fault drivers operating the vehicle under the influence. The at-fault driver’s irresponsibility has shattered your life; I will help you seek reparations.

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Drunk Driver Car Collision

If you have been in an accident involving alcohol, you need the immediate legal assistance of a skilled attorney. If alcohol is found in one or more of the vehicles involved in an accident, punitive damages can be pursued. I am prepared to investigate the accident and discover any evidence of alcohol use to help you recover maximum damages. After this investigation, I can help you negotiate with the negligent party’s insurer.

Lafayette DUI Accident Injury Attorney

After a loved one has suffered a drunk driving accident or drunk driving injury, the victim’s family may also have the option to seek legal action against the bar or establishment that served the at-fault drunk driver in excess. Contrary to popular belief, public intoxication is illegal, and a bar serving patrons to the point of intoxication is legally enabling this.

Should that individual make the poor decision to get behind the wheel of a car and an accident occurs, the bar is partly responsible. In these cases, the bar or establishment has acted irresponsibly and needs to be held accountable for its actions. We can help you seek reparations in these cases.

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