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I am Joseph J. Vincent of Crowley, Louisiana, and I represent victims of trucking and big-rig accidents and collisions.

Semi and tractor-trailer accidents have the potential to be much more devastating than any other collision. Given the size of these rigs and their loads, these accidents almost always result in profound injuries or even death. If you are fortunate to survive such an accident, you are likely to require long-term medical treatment and therapy. As the bills pile up, it becomes increasingly necessary for you to recover damages from the trucking company and its insurance company to cover expenses.

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For victims and the loved ones of those who have lost their lives in semi-truck accidents, monetary awards are hollow. However, they are the only legal means of seeking restitution from those who are at fault for your loss. This is the legal means by which you can hold trucking companies and drivers accountable to the standards in place to prevent accidents — standards that include:

  • Logbooks
  • Maintenance failures (shoddy repairs and trucking companies’ negligence, bald tires on 18-wheelers)
  • Unsecured loads and truck parts (such as unsecured dump truck beds)
  • Dangerous equipment
  • On-the-road protocol

Lafayette 18-Wheeler Accident Attorney

Trucking accidents are devastating. When you are struggling to make sense of the situation, it is highly important to contact legal assistance as quickly as possible. Seeking damages against the trucking company requires legally fighting the insurance companies. These companies make a profit from paying as little as possible on claims. They are skilled at finding ways to avoid paying adequate damages. Without a skilled lawyer, you stand little chance of being compensated properly.

Truck Accident Injuries

Even in optimistic situations, trucking accidents and semi wrecks often result in spinal cord or head injuries. These are extremely costly injuries, draining you physically, emotionally and financially. You cannot go back and undo the accident. You can, however, fight for reparations from the parties at fault.

I am experienced at handling cases involving crashes and collisions on I-10, U.S. Highway 90, U.S. Highway 190, I-49 and the Atchafalaya Basin Bridge.

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